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Abe Lincoln Alternative To NCAA Brackets

Abe Lincoln Alternative To NCAA Brackets

Has your favorite college basketball team not done well lately? NCAA basketball brackets are everywhere but not everyone is a basketball fan.

There is an  alternative to the NCAA basketball bracket that's quite unique. Here in Illinois we tend to take Abraham Lincoln for granted, even though he is credited with some of the best words ever written and spoken by a president. Wonder what this has to do with basketball?

Now, you have a chance to rank those quotes. 

Chris Wills with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum says they're offering a bracket of 32 Lincoln quotes. People will get to choose their own final four. "We've got quotes on line like, 'A government of the people, by the people, for the people,' or 'A house divided against itself cannot stand.' Famous things like that," Wills said. "And they are matched up with other quotes. And people go round-by-round voting on which ones are the most enduring."

Wills said there are quotes that certainly everyone knows, but there may be a few that people are not as familiar with.

"We hope people have fun with the voting, and following along and seeing which quotes make it to the next round," Wills said. "But we also think it's a great way for people to think about what Lincoln said. They have to quote-by-quote, voting. So it's an opportunity to think about his words, and what they meant 150 years ago. And what they mean today."

If history is your thing, this is your bracket opportunity. You can find the quotes and fill out your bracket at Brackify.com

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