Up Close And Personal With The "Fake News" and "Mainstream Media"

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360 Degree President Event Video From The "Press Pen"

360 Degree President Event Video From The "Press Pen"

GRANITE CITY - With all of the nonsense regarding "fake news" and "mainstream media", few people really know how things are handled when the POTUS is around. Thirty-eight years after I first photographed then President Carter, things have changed in some ways and not so much in others.

The poor souls who ride in Air Force One are on a very short leash and deadline that's brutal. The rest of us, while highly inconvenienced by the security protocols, generally have less pressure to perform. The experienced pros covering these are courteous and aware of what we all need to get done and we all try to stay out of each others way. Being aware of where someone has a camera pointed and not ruining a shot is important. 

It's still a long day no matter who you are working for and what you can see here is just the short amount of orchestrated event that we all got started for days earlier. Credentialing was first and then making sure you you arrive on time to find a place to park and then, in this instance, be transported to the event location by shuttle bus. Once at the location you wait in line for screening by Secret Service uniformed officers and then get issued your paper tag for your event. A very few people who are traveling or working the event all day are issued a pin of the day to manage access.

For all of the lovers and haters, here is some life in the pen 360 degree video from a Trump event. 

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